The Moth has Moved!

A few days ago I was a bit surprised, and honored, by an invitation to join the Southern Fried Science Network.  Naturally, I have accepted.  While I am not particularly southern (nor fried), I took the opportunity to hop on board a growing blogging network full of excellent bloggers.  Please join me over at the SFS!  My new url:



When you have some free time, I strongly suggest exploring my new cohort of bloggers.  The links are right under the SFS icon at the top of my page. Everything will basically remain the same, but if you notice any glitches please do not hesitate to send me a message (It’s a wordpress.org blog, but a slightly different system).  I will also retain this blog on wordpress.com as an archive, and as a reminder for everyone to change their links.

And of course let me take this moment to thank my readers!  I haven’t been at this blogging thing for very long, but I’ve really come to enjoy the community and sharing my research with all of you.  I certainly plan on sticking around for quite a while.




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